Client Personal

Date June 2017

Launch Project

Il n'était qu'une fois - Once upon one time

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Directed by Hadi Moussally
Produced by h7o7Films
DOP & Pos production Olivier Pagny
Starring Chila Morale
Assistant Charlotte Dardelin

A young woman from Paris returns to her childhood home in order to empty and sell it. The woman has spent her life denying her connection to this place, avoiding painful memories. But when cleaning out her things, she rediscovers an old book that brings her past back to life.

Director's statement
I brought up the subject of nostalgia and the way of confronting our past : “Once upon one time” is a photograph of living and lost moments the main character experiences. Each shot is static within the movement of the overall series of shots. On a technical note, the focus of the camera is still and the sound that goes with the image fits this territory. The spectator feels involved in the image and sound, and puts him or herself in the position of the camera. They are sensorily attached, and forced to follow the action in the frame or off-screen, all while the sound plays a proactive role. Memories are still in our minds and can not be changed or played again. It seems, however, that accepting our past is the best way to achieve serenity.